I have deleted the archives because I am capable of much better art and writng than that and I don't want people getting a bad example of my abilities.






Huh? Well, yeah, it sucks, and right in the middle of the story. Life is too difficult to be making a comic every day, which usually takes all day and night.


My ability to draw has greatly improved from the crap this comic was started on, so I will make what I should have in the first place: Manga.

But don't think I'm not considering the possibility of there being peeples that want to know what happens, oh no. My point is that it's a bit diffucult not having comics ready early on. What's more, my calling is to make a manga. Trying to make an original art style was too difficult. If I am notified in the forum or by fairy-mail that somebody wants more Elven, I will begin work on recreating the comic as a manga under the title "Distant Utopia" I also am working on other mangas called and "Quicksilver Twilight" So I will return. So long 4 now.

Elven is STILL © David Giarratana wether he cares about it or not.

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